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How do you gift wrap a greeting card?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

'That makes no sense!' I hear you cry... 'Gift wrapping a greeting card? There's no room in the envelope!'

Fear not, happy-post senders, for it is I, Charlie, here to teach you my ways. To start, you need a little patience, a couple of ribbon options, a handful of confetti (biodegradable is my favourite), your card, envelope, a pen and a fun soundtrack. How's about some Bob Marley? First, write your message inside the card, then address the envelope. Stick man drawings are optional, but always encouraged. Don't add the card or seal just yet.

Right now you have yourself a perfectly lovely greeting card, ready to wing it's way to the recipient in the post. But we're not looking for average here... LET'S TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Compare your ribbon options to the card design. Which one matches the mood of the card and embodies the person that will be receiving it? It's a tough one dear reader, but be decisive. Choose that ribbon now! Lay the ribbon 'good side' down across your work space, then pop the card facing up on top.

Next, we're taking that joyous handful of confetti and putting it inside the card, folding it shut. Now you can take up the ends of the ribbon and gently tie a bow over the front of the card. Go easy, as you don't want to confetti bomb yourself in the process...

Snip the ends of the ribbon to the desired length, then grab your envelope and carefully slide the card inside, keeping it flat as you do. Adjust the bow so it lays flat inside the envelope, seal up the goods, then pop a stamp on it. We're ready to go! Hopefully you've enjoyed that little walk through. No doubt you're feeling pumped and ready to get started on your own or, if you've been following along, you're primed for some post box action! Does it all sound like too much faff to put together yourself? Not enough time in the day? I also offer a gift wrap service for all of my plantable greeting cards to make your life that little bit easier and that 'opening moment' super special. Just pop me a message or add 'gift wrap' to your Etsy order at checkout. Sit back, relax and I'll be in touch!


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